Future, Past, …Elsewhere – Doris Li

Dr. D’s mind-blowing diagram of the time (photo creds: Sunny Zhang)

Hola!! My name is Doris. My presence is big like a stegosaurus. I never bore us, because I’m awesome like Chuck Norris. *applause*

In all seriousness,  this Thursday was relatively (no pun intended) normal:

The day began with a stellar lecture from Dr. Dubson on special relativity. In the midst of changing frames of references and axes, we managed to discover that a simple step on/off a bus could change the entire layout of our futures. Holy mackerel!

Jang’s amazing epiphany mid-lecture

After a delicious meal at CUB’s C4C, we headed back to the SBO classroom for another round of incredible lecture by Dr. Fu. During lecture, students graphed the distance (Mpc) and velocity (km/s) of many stars (including the thiccc Bootes) and learned mucho information about orbits.

Happy birthday Lindsey!

Today was also Lindsey’s (our first-best TA) birthday!! A group of students surprised her with beautiful and litty cheesecakes and sang “happy birthday” during dinner.

The day ended with the usual scramble of students working in the computer lab, breaking out their British accents, and dreading the incoming OD project.


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