Tea Party…and Peanuts?

Tea, cheesecake, and British accents…”this time tomorrow, daaaarrlings?”

Hi guys! I’m Madie, from the objective best city in the world–San Francisco. Today was another exciting day at SSP, where everything is random(ly generated from rand.int), from spurious tea parties, to ball games in the computer lab.

The day started out with another incredibly fascinating lecture from Dr. Dubson. I’m still reeling. He attempted to teach us a condensed version of quantum mechanics, usually not even attempted by physics majors until their junior year of college. Needless to say, my mind was blown. (Fun fact: over two dozen Nobel Prize winners received the awards from verifying Einstein’s theories…years later).

After a restful lunch, (and a group nap, of course) we headed back to the classroom for a special lecture on scientific writing from Dr. Fallscheer. I must admit, everything she taught us stuck in my brain, as she emphasized all her points by waving the “Sword of Consciousness.”

After dinner, Table 6 decided to have a tea party, in the British spirit of things, as people suddenly started speaking in British accents.

Tyler tries a British accent, but ends up with Irish, Australian, and everything in between…PAINNNNNUTS (he considers that “British speak” for peanuts.

After a ton of sugar, we headed back to the computer lab to cram in another couple hours of work…attempting to give ourselves leeway before we tackle the OD project.

Hugs are always needed while struggling with code
Also spontaneous ball games?

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