“Here’s to the hearts that break”. Right DH?

By Gauri.

So we had a bit of melodrama today. It had to do with La La Land being screened (screened? is it still screening if it’s in a computer lab?) for movie night. And the ending hit someone. Hard. But I’ll get back to that later. I like things to be narrated in chronological order. So let’s go back to the beginning.

Saturday began with a lecture by Dr. Cassandra Fallscheer. We learnt about the different spectra created by a hydrogen atom and transitions between energy states and such. But the really fun part was when she a) showed us the diffraction pattern in Canadian dollar bills (and it’s true: it does smell like maple syrup)

Related image

A lot of people decided to move to Canada after that.

B) she told us to grab a ruler and a meter stick and measure the widths of our hair. Well after some trial and error Ethan (N), Yunfei and I got the pattern and then decided to make a triple pattern with my hair.Image

At 1.15 we walked to 29th Street Mall, where half of us decided to watch Dunkirk (fantastic movie, by the way) and the other half watched Spider-Man (now that I think about it, I don’t know if that’s one word or two)

Walking to 29th Street



Then Odelia, Jang, Addison, Austin and I decided to go to H&M.

Odelia trying on (very flattering) sunglasses

So Addison and I started trying on clothes, and before we knew it we had three minutes to meet up with the group. And we were still in the changing room. So we run out with the clothes, skip the queue by hastily explaining the hurry. The cashier bills us and we take the bags and start running out down the street at crazy speeds, H&M bags swinging. I’m sure it must have looked pretty comical.

We got back to CUB and went to dinner. Where the following things happened:


We got the big table
But that’s what happens when you get the big table
And that
Tyler’s face tho


And me, trying new things (like standing on tables)

And then it was time to observe. During movie night. While La La Land was playing.

By 11, when we were done with observing, we found that DH had gone into full-on depressed mode. Why? Because Mia and Sebastian don’t get together at the end.  Yeah, it hit him that hard. Poor sod.

Look what Damien Chazelle did to DH
And that was him for pretty much the rest of the night


And that was it. That was my Saturday. Unless you count the madness that went down after 12 am, what with Vittorio throwing staple pins across the lab and Odelia singing Christmas songs (?) and me rolling across the lab on a chair. I don’t even…


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