Super Sporty Sunday – Carola Zanoletti

As the end of the program start getting nearer and nearer, and the OD project looms over us, we arrive to that day of the week where we can finally rest… or can we?

As a first event today a group of SSP(mountain)eers embarked in a trip to the Flat Iron trails, the third hiking trip of the program!

Picture from Tyler

Picture from Kelsey

Later in the day, a group of people embarked in a different kind of activity… capture the flag! We dispersed into two groups, and scattered around the camp to defend and capture the flags. I had never played this version of the game, and adored running around the camp away from people!

A comment by Philippe, who played this game for the fist time today: ” SSP is a place where they help you learn to blend into the culture! ” (Philippe also asked me to add his favorite quote from yesterday’s spider-man movie here: ” You can’t blend in, because you are born to stand out šŸ™‚ “).

One main event today: Edgar’s birthday! At dinner, everyone sang happy birthday, and did so again at the lab… as well as throwing cupcakes to his face!

Picture by Elena

Well… happy birthday Edgar!


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