Dr Fallscheer’s Cloudy Night Comments


  • Mention the specific CCD model number in the title.
  • Don’t mention introductory material or methods in the abstract; do include your results. If you think your abstract is too long, it probably is.
  • Graphs are described as y-axis vs x-axis.
  • There was a design flaw in experiment: many groups only lowered the temperature to 0° C, and extrapolated a line beyond 0° C which resulted in a negative dark current, which is ridiculous. The dark current should bend sharply and be asymptotic to zero at low temperatures.
  • If every team did the same thing, it is not necessary to mention it. For instance, it is not necessary to detail the step-by-step of telescope or camera operation, but it is
    critical to explain the details particular to your observation: exposure times, number of images in a series, condition of the sky, and so forth.
  • The best-fit equation of line (and correlation coefficient, if calculated) should not be in the field of the graph, and it should definitely not have ten sig figs.
  • Figures should have captions. Caption of graph should not include the words of “This is a plot of…” or “Caption:”
  • Results section should contain text, and must describe the graphs and tables.
  • The words “expectations” and “assumptions” should not be used; instead, these should be hypotheses. Example: We assume the behavior of the CCD is linear with temperature.
  • Avoid “it is clear that…” In fact, avoid all unnecessary words.
  • Explain why data points were excluded, not just because they don’t fit a pattern.
  • The paper should have references, and the references should be numbered and cited within the paper.
  • Eliminate vague sentences.
  • Don’t be sappy in the acknowledgments. Don’t use the words “extremely” or “intensely”.

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