Lost in Nederland


By Jordan Stone

We are almost there! There is only one week left.  It’s crazy how quickly these past few weeks have gone by. And although it is kind of sad to think about the end, it is exciting to think that we are so close to successfully completing the program (and the OD). Furthermore, today was not an ordinary day at SSP. The day started off with a fun lecture from Dr. Dubson about his journey towards a career in physics  and the effects that dips have on a bike path.  In the afternoon we all enjoyed a lecture on the 11th floor of Duane from Mathis Habich, a former SSP TA, who talked about particle physics and hydrodynamics.  Shortly after the guest lectures we all got on a bus for a 45 minute ride to a small town in the mountains called Nederland. At Nederland students went to local book stores, mineral shops, and restaurants.




A very special group of students were able to use their knowledge obtained from Dr. D’s lectures to defy the laws of physics.


On our way back from Nederland we stopped at Barker Meadow Reservoir to take pictures and admire the amazing view.






As usual at SSP (Sleep-deprived Science Program) many of us used the bus ride as an opportunity to catch up on sleep.



Of course, when we returned to campus we piled in the computer lab to grind out more OD code. Overall today was another fantastic day at SSP and I can’t wait to see what is in store for us this last week.



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