Sleep, Cinnamon Rolls, and EDM

Hi. This is Do Hyun from North Hollywood High School .  This is pretty much a typical day of SSP.

With the onset of sleep deprivation from the newly assigned (and corrected) OD project, most students are shooketh. The classroom and computer lab have become our new homes and the chairs are our beds.

I’m sure that these sleepy students dream about r vectors, matrix transformations, and orbital elements. Do they ever get tired of sleeping?


During lunch, I was casually conversing with other SSPers when Vittorio came with a plate full of cinnamon rolls.

No one thought he was gonna eat them but he did. One by one, each roll disappeared in the cavern that is his mouth, and we all feared for his health and risk of developing diabetes.
And then he got 4 more.

And ate more.

I guess you could say he was on a roll (badump tsss)

He crashed afterwards on the couch.

He probably should have waited a cina-minute between each eating session.

In conclusion, he ate 8 by the end of the day. We questioned his strange actions, and he replied with: “I was sweating, but I wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment.”

Good job Vittorio!

After lunch, we received a guest lecture from Nobel Prize winner Dr. Eric Cornell. He tried to explain to our feeble, sleep-deprived minds matter, antimatter, the beginning of the universe, electric dipole moments, and how string theory isn’t right. It was an honor to meet Dr. Cornell and to converse with him after his lecture.


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