Final Friday

By Austin Sun

This is our final Friday! It’s crazy to think that we only have a couple days of SSP left, so tonight was bittersweet – we completed the Orbital Determination code, but that also means we’ve finished SSP’s entire project.

The day began with a lecture by Dr. Fu about his career path, from his acceptance to Caltech (which was in the radius of his allowed zone πŸ™‚ ) to his research experience with biology and history. We learned a ton about the ins and outs of research. Dr. Fu also talked about his experience in industry with the USGS as well as his graduate studies at Stanford and the University of Washington. At the end of his lecture, he emphasized how he found what he really wanted to do after years of exploration – teaching. It was a valuable lesson for us all in the concept of fit, or finding where each of us will be truly happy.

After lecture, everyone got to work on finishing up the OD code. As we neared the due date of midnight, things began to get crazy.

There was a massage chain started to relieve all the stress (shoutout to Edgar and Aman for the pics!!):


And if you look really closely at the picture you’ll notice a fidget spinner.

It somehow was everywhere at once…


What a great application of quantum mechanics :O

The fidget spinner worked at relieving stress – by 12 o clock everyone was done with their code. The room was a loud symphony of shouting and high-fiving.

It’s so crazy… Barring the report due tomorrow, we are done! The days have flown by from the barrage of work and fun. I hope everyone savors the moments that we have left. There’s no more final tests, only days filled with rest. If you’re reading this right now get up on your feet. Celebrate again for completing a major feat. πŸ™‚


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