Overdose Saturday

By Aman Heyer

Hey everyone! I’m here to tell you about how to recover from drug abuse, specifically how to get past an OD…20170729_234326.jpg Most teens struggle with other addictions, but here at SSP, many fall into the trap of LSD…(Late night Sleep Deprivation). No one could have expected how desperate everyone seemed to be with finding their a-steroids; I guess most people were simply concerned with becoming Buff at CU Boulder! (get it, get it 😉) As if that was not horrifying enough, almost everyone here started doing m(a)th, a stimulant to the senses at times, but very addictive! Very tragic…20170731_025623.jpg

Still, everything seemed under control until the big one arrived. The pinnacle of any drug abuser’s life cycle: the dreaded OD… Suddenly students were staying up later and littier- even past their bedtimes! 😱 Holy canoli, all hopes of getting a good night’s rest were lost in the flurry of code-caine, and students were beginning to look around with little hope of ever getting past the insanity…20170729_234250

Sometimes you could even see students hitting the space bar multiple times; they couldn’t help spacing out! As you can see, OD’ing can be exceptionally dangerous, but thankfully everyone came to each other’s aid in these desperate times. OverDosing soon gave way to OverLeafing as groups wrote about Orbit elements (who would have thought we were all so interested in the components of a brand of gum..). As we neared the end of the traumatic experience, there appeared a light at the end of the tunnel!


Colored depiction of our lord and savior: Cheesus.^

Everyone wanted a pizza the action and there was mass relief in the observatory as everyone celebrated the end of the grisly OD. Attach97015_20170731_021446Different people celebrated in different ways, but there was a general consensus that the pizza pies were much tastier than the Raspberry ones we had all been working with for so long (no offense, Fabio). People began dabbing away their tears… 20170730_003426

…and everyone was extremely happy to finally receive the elusive Orbital Elements sticker! It was harder to catch than a Lugia in Pokemon GO…20170729_234949

Finally, everyone convened in the computer lab for some primal scream therapy. There were roars galore, and the previous burden of OverDosing was forgotten in all of the litty-ness. At the end of the day, we all got through the OD a little wiser, a little zanier, and (like a lot of the math…) a little fuzzier. 😊

20170730_004756P.S: Excuse the bad quality of the picture. It’s a bit of a blur, just like our wildin’ night… 🤙


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