Smiley Surprising Superlative Sunday-Philippe Yao

Sunday started with numerous boxes of pizza with unprecedented size. People started to find excuses for themselves to enjoy the carbohydrates at midnight. Everyone soon started a journey into dreams.

Not much happened in the morning. Afternoon surveys and letters were…good.

The most interesting things always happen when it is late🥕
TAs began the Talent Show of talented SSP people with a kazoo show!

Pi is 3, c is 1

“But this is SSP, the wondrous place”

Go Jeffery!
It made the audience dizzy!

Hope we will see you in broadway in the future.
Very good chemistry among teammates.

The best and the most embarrassing K-pop ever!
Kean blew the flute keenly.

My hands were shaking like a earthquake!
But people say that they loved it!

“The point is that
Love SSP”
Unintentional punch line.

Most amazing violin duet ever!

“Are the students missing?”
“No, we just cannot find them.”

Very often, we are the hidden figures in the world. More often, when we find who ourselves are, our potential outshines the Sun. It is my honor to work with all of you, to know all of you and to be friends with all of you. Thank you!


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