Best SSP in history!! Congrats CUB 2017! #ssp2017cub


SSP's rising kpop stars perform at the annual talent show #ssp2017cub

Team All-Stars celebrates their successful completion of the orbital determination code!! #ssp2017cub

Thank you to Dr Eric Cornell for his great kindness and wisdom. "Who are these final, lonely particles that no one wanted? They are you." #ssp2017cub

Happy birthday to Edgar! Dessert decoration creds to Sunny and Doris 🙂 #ssp2017cub

Yesterday night we had a video conference with New Mexico and Yale to do a parallax experiment on asteroid 2005 UP156. It was fun to meet you all! #ssp2017cub

Current list of the dead at the end of day 1 of word assassin (get your target to say the word written on your spoon): Ethan N (guffaw) Kean (bedrock) Alex S (Belieber) HK (sideburns) Philippe (unicorn) Addie (nugget) Tyler (sacrifice) Aman (retainer) #ssp2017cub

Learning about the planetary probes Juno and New Horizons from Prof Bagenal #ssp2017cub

This week's QOD winner is Do Hyun. Fun fact: he loves tigers. #ssp2017cub

Today seems like a good day for sandbox experiments ☀️😎 #ssp2017cub

It's finally time to start sharing pics of people sleeping in the classroom 🙃 #ssp2017cub

Have you ever tried making a ❤️ out of a pretzel #ssp2017cub

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