The very end

By Laura The last day, and some final thoughts.


It ain’t over ’til it’s over…D-1

7/31 Today began with an exciting geology hike led by Mr. Reed @NCAR! Walking through million...billion-years of history, we sure felt the TILT toppling over us xddddd Of course, let's not forget Demeter who reigned upon us briefly ... Anyhow, shortly after our time travel experience, the hideous beast revealed itself yet again. It was... Continue Reading →

Overdose Saturday

By Aman Heyer Hey everyone! I'm here to tell you about how to recover from drug abuse, specifically how to get past an OD... Most teens struggle with other addictions, but here at SSP, many fall into the trap of LSD...(Late night Sleep Deprivation). No one could have expected how desperate everyone seemed to be with... Continue Reading →

Final Friday

By Austin Sun This is our final Friday! It's crazy to think that we only have a couple days of SSP left, so tonight was bittersweet - we completed the Orbital Determination code, but that also means we've finished SSP's entire project. The day began with a lecture by Dr. Fu about his career path,... Continue Reading →

Happy Thursday!

By Jeffrey Tao The day began with a fascinating lecture from Dr. Fu about spacecraft propulsion. Among the topics discussed were nuclear pulse propulsion, the Bussard Ramjet, and space elevators. Most astonishing to me was the concept of antimatter propulsion. Although an antimatter-based fuel would theoretically allow for exhaust speed of over a third of... Continue Reading →

Lost in Nederland

By Jordan Stone We are almost there! There is only one week left.  It's crazy how quickly these past few weeks have gone by. And although it is kind of sad to think about the end, it is exciting to think that we are so close to successfully completing the program (and the OD). Furthermore,... Continue Reading →

Sleep, Cinnamon Rolls, and EDM

Hi. This is Do Hyun from North Hollywood High School .  This is pretty much a typical day of SSP. With the onset of sleep deprivation from the newly assigned (and corrected) OD project, most students are shooketh. The classroom and computer lab have become our new homes and the chairs are our beds. I'm... Continue Reading →

PAPI, LIGO, MechE, and OD Monday

Hi friends, buckle your seat belts and get ready for the time of your life because in 372 short words I'm gonna take you on a wild extravaganza through a lit day at SSP! But first let me introduce myself: I'm Katherine and I'm from the great state of Texas! Contrary to popular belief, I... Continue Reading →

Tea Party…and Peanuts?

Hi guys! I'm Madie, from the objective best city in the world--San Francisco. Today was another exciting day at SSP, where everything is random(ly generated from, from spurious tea parties, to ball games in the computer lab. The day started out with another incredibly fascinating lecture from Dr. Dubson. I'm still reeling. He attempted... Continue Reading →

Future, Past, …Elsewhere – Doris Li

Hola!! My name is Doris. My presence is big like a stegosaurus. I never bore us, because I'm awesome like Chuck Norris. *applause* In all seriousness,  this Thursday was relatively (no pun intended) normal: The day began with a stellar lecture from Dr. Dubson on special relativity. In the midst of changing frames of references... Continue Reading →

Trip Two To Fiske

By: Glenda Meyer I will start off by saying that I was just Pranav'ed by Katherine after I asked her to send a very cute picture of my monkey. In case we look back on this post months or years from now, I should clarify that we "verbed" Pranav's name because he frequently (and inadvertently)... Continue Reading →

Magnetic Monday – Carine You

Monday, July 17 Morning lecture was on electricity and magnetism, which meant that Dr. Dubson attempted to teach us five semesters of physics in three hours. He wrapped up the lecture with some very cool demonstrations:     One of the coolest demonstrations was when he melted a nail with a transformer:     Afternoon... Continue Reading →

Open House Saturday – Ethan Silver

Saturday, July 15 This morning, like the rest of us, I woke up as usual, ran over to the C4C for breakfast, and with bleary eyes arrived at the SBO for the riveting conclusion of Dr. Fu's Next OD lecture... Now, parents, friends, and SSP alumni arrived to begin the Open House in force.  At... Continue Reading →

SSP Midpoint – Odelia Lorch

We made it! We're officially halfway through SSP. Though it's sad to think that we're now in the waning (ha astronomy) half, it's exciting to dream - during lecture - about the nights of sleep that await us at the end. In the meantime, we've begun developing new sleeping positions and coping mechanisms, taking advantage... Continue Reading →

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