The very end

By Laura The last day, and some final thoughts.


Smiley Surprising Superlative Sunday-Philippe Yao

Sunday started with numerous boxes of pizza with unprecedented size. People started to find excuses for themselves to enjoy the carbohydrates at midnight. Everyone soon started a journey into dreams. Not much happened in the morning. Afternoon surveys and letters were…good. The most interesting things always happen when it is late🥕TAs began the Talent Show... Continue Reading →

Final Friday

By Austin Sun This is our final Friday! It's crazy to think that we only have a couple days of SSP left, so tonight was bittersweet - we completed the Orbital Determination code, but that also means we've finished SSP's entire project. The day began with a lecture by Dr. Fu about his career path,... Continue Reading →

Lost in Nederland

By Jordan Stone We are almost there! There is only one week left. ┬áIt's crazy how quickly these past few weeks have gone by. And although it is kind of sad to think about the end, it is exciting to think that we are so close to successfully completing the program (and the OD). Furthermore,... Continue Reading →

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