SSP Midpoint – Odelia Lorch

We made it! We're officially halfway through SSP. Though it's sad to think that we're now in the waning (ha astronomy) half, it's exciting to dream - during lecture - about the nights of sleep that await us at the end. In the meantime, we've begun developing new sleeping positions and coping mechanisms, taking advantage... Continue Reading →


P = NP – Elaine Zhu

Hi everyone! This is Elaine Zhu and I'll be telling you about the start of week 3 of SSP. As per usual, the day started out with Dr. D's amazing lecture over energy and momentum. Even though it was just the weekend, we're all in a perpetually sleep deprived state, so many people decided to... Continue Reading →

It's finally time to start sharing pics of people sleeping in the classroom 🙃 #ssp2017cub

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