Jupiter Satellite Project



Processing Images in MaxIm Pro 6

Right-click the MaxIm DL Pro 6 icon and click Execute. First we’ll combine all images. Essentially, you should combine every series of images you take (Lights, Darks and Flats!) Go to Process>Stack Click “Add Files…” Highlight your group of images. If you took 5 images in your series, you should be selecting those 5 images.... Continue Reading →

How to Create a Star Chart

Launch DS9 Go to Analysis>Image Servers>SAO-DSS Next to ‘α’ type in your object’s right ascension and next to ‘𝛿’ type in your object’s declination. Make sure you are using sexagesimal units. Set both width and height to 15 arcminutes. Make sure you indicate the sign (+ or -) for declination Keep the coordinates in the... Continue Reading →

Observing Notebook Guidelines

When conducting any type of research, it is essential that all steps be documented. An observing notebook is used in this program and should document all of your work on the orbit determination problem. Class notes and other information should not be kept in this book. Here are some general guidelines: All work in the... Continue Reading →

Observation Guidelines

Opening Procedure Make sure everything on the deck is clear of the roof (i.e. binoculars, small telescopes, etc.) Open the roof using the green open button on the north wall. Flip the master power switch on the right side of the desk. You should hear the fans on the telescope turn on and the mount... Continue Reading →

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