It ain’t over ’til it’s over…D-1


Today began with an exciting geology hike led by Mr. Reed @NCAR!


Walking through million…billion-years of history, we sure felt the TILT toppling over us xddddd


Of course, let’s not forget Demeter who reigned upon us briefly …

Anyhow, shortly after our time travel experience, the hideous beast revealed itself yet again.

It was back; meaner than ever, demanding as ever, and annoying as ever. As our guest speakers, Ms. Kirchoff and Mr. Levison, introduced the Orbital Integration (we shall denote it as OI) to us, sighs of disbelief and distress were audible from every corner of the lecture room.

Some of us were able to face OI with bravery and hope for the future.

Unfortunately, some of us could not stand struggling through yet another high-demanding task.


Graph…I mean giraffes! Yes. Giraffes. The greatest creature that mother nature has provided us with…


What was  I saying uhm anyways

As our asteroid simulations successfully landed on Earth, Addison could not help but celebrate with the highly-efficient sprinklers of CU Boulder 🙂


As the final day approaches, more and more I become appreciative of the great people I’ve met over this summer.

I would not have been able to face neither the OD nor the OI without you guys.

So here’s a cheesy quote that I came up with:

Fireworks are beautiful because they fall; they release their various hues of colors and entertain  our eyes. However, this special set of fireworks called US will stay high in our minds and our souls.

The point of this quote?

Stay high!!1!


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